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Email: [email protected]

Tel: 07770 379 333

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Andy Cotton

Victoria Wright

"What's the best way of getting over your fear of cycling ? Move to the land of cycling, Cambridge and meet a great coach!


Second time out with Doug and he's got me learning drafting and hand signals! My cycling confidence has come on tremendously since meeting Doug. I have gone from someone who would only use a turbo after my crash to now riding one handed and with confidence. Looking forward to continuing tri training with Doug Hosking"

"Two photos taken exactly 14 weeks apart. Not sure how, after knee surgery in November [2016], but tomorrow [5th March 2017] I will be on the start line of the Cambridge Half Marathon! All I've got to do now is finish it & say thank you to those people who have helped me get this far - Doug Hosking, Lauren Bradshaw, Liz Bennett &, of course, Wendy Cotton!"


"Can I claim the record for the biggest PB? I've just beaten mine by 33 years!   My first & only other half marathon was when I was 17; long before chip timing & online results, so I haven't a clue how I did then. Today, I ran 1:51:18. Not bad for someone who only wanted to turn up, run & finish with a smile!"


Before the race Andy and I had discussed his goals for the race; 2.10 was acceptable, 2.00 would be great and sub 2:00 would be a dream outcome.