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Triathlon - multisport for achieving multiple business objectives!

Are you struggling to engage your staff?


Is your Health and Wellbeing strategy feeling under the weather?


Do your employee's know how their individual talents help deliver corporate goals?


Does your local community feel you are socially responsible?


Triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and with three elements;  swimming, cycling and running, it offers great opportunities for both individuals and teams to participate.  Events take place over varying distances and are therefore a great way of setting stretching but achievable goals on an individual or team basis.


Having set a long term objective, using the support of a qualified coach, either through group sessions or on an individual basis, will keep the 'project' on track by guiding people through the critical elements of; improving technique, working to a structured training plan and building confidence by achieving progress milestones along the way.


For those that are not inclined to take part in a Triathlon their are learning and development opportunities to be found in organising an event such as project management, marketing and administration.


FastFish Coaching can work with you to organise a Triathlon for your employees and support them in the lead up to the event.  


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